Monday, November 21, 2011

I vs. we: Individuals perform better when focused on team's effort

Some interesting sports research published by the Department of Kinesiology at my alma mater on team work. Even with non-sports teams there is a lot to the Power of We!

The study showed that individuals perform better when they practice motivational techniques focused on the team.

The article is titled, I vs. we: Individuals perform better when focused on team's effort, by Michigan State University in MedicalXPress.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Live Longer With Fewer Calories

This is an interesting article about some research published in the scientific journal, Molecular Cell, that shows that caloric restriction increases the production of the enzyme, Srx1, which repairs another enzyme called Prx1. The study reveals that repair of Prx1 consequently emerges as a key process in ageing and possibly the delay or development of cancer.
Of course I like to reduce caloric intake for weight control and health so this is a nice benefit.  My adage is that "the more you eat the more you eat" and we, especially Americans with our high fat, sugar, and salt diet, need to drastically reduce the amount and kind of foods we eat.

This article titled, Live Longer With Fewer Calories, was published in Medical News Today.