Saturday, November 3, 2018

'You can't hack paper': How Oregon fights election meddling

This seems like the most logical, convenient, cost-effective, and hack-proof way that all states could be running their elections. Why invest in all the equipment, staff, time, and polling place locations when everyone could just mail in their paper ballots?

Thanks to Cynthia McFadden and Kevin Monahan of NBC News who wrote this article, titled 'You can't hack paper': How Oregon fights election meddling, on how Oregon Votes.

Oregon instituted vote by mail in 1998. Colorado and Washington also vote by mail and some states have a vote by mail option. I took advantage of this method in Minnesota.

However you vote in your state be sure to vote! It is your right and duty as a citizen. No complaints on policy and the direction of our country if you don’t participate!