Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Post's Wrong-headed Attack on Bernie Sanders's Health Plan

If you do not already do so, please take the time and follow former Labor Secretary Robert Reich's Blog. He has the most level-headed thoughts on so many subjects of importance.
In this post, titled The Post's Wrong-headed Attack on Bernie Sanders's Health Plan, he called out a recent Washington Post Editorial that was slamming the Bernie Sanders single payor health care plan. Reich correctly points out that the Post is assuming that the United States has the best healthcare, which in case you have totally been immune to how our system operates, it does not. For so many reasons!

Lets name a few. Very high rate of infant mortality, not all Americans have access to healthcare with 29 million still not covered by insurance, high deductibles that are pretty much unaffordable by even those earning good incomes, very high administrative costs with insurance companies, and all this while spending more per GNP than most all other western nations. Canada, which has a provincial single payor system, is showing longer life expectancy, even though, okay yes you may have to wait a bit longer for some specialized services. All Canadian citizens have access, however! It is a right and it is not a right in the United States. It needs to be!

It is very refreshing to have a voice of reason today.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

America - Bernie Sanders

This is the best political ad that I have seen in years. It defines Bernie Sanders and the political revolution that he stands for and has stood for his whole career. No matter your political persuasion it is hard not to see the brilliance in this 1 minute ad, titled America.